AISG teams with Shelter Rock Builders.

Shelter Rock Builders is a family owned business with over 85 years of purchasing, constructing, and owning real estate.  They take pride in their commitment to excellence and invest every home with style and function.  They believe that a home is a place in which to live, not just reside. Here are some pictures from the 21 Plaza newly finished building.
AISG teams with Shelter Rock Builders to provide state of the art security for their 21st Ave. project. AISG installed a video surveillance system and integrated their Virtual Concierge & Doorman Services (VIC). VIC is a technologically advanced security system that will revolutionize the way Property Management Groups look at security for apartment buildings and complexes. (VIC) is a remote video building security solution and doorman service designed to protect the building and its tenants from threats of fire and intruders. AISG secures the entrances/exits via its remote video command center and onsite CCTV and Access Control equipment. Digital intercoms are installed and integrated to provide this world class solution. VIC controls visitor access and all deliveries. Deliveries are controlled and secured inside the package / mail room. VIC notifies the tenant via e-mail, phone or cell that a delivery awaits them when they return home. This 24/7 security solution offers the needed security at a far greater savings than the alternative doorman.


Apartment in 21 Plaza



VIC provides a cost effective, convenient and secure alternative for residences seeking a budget friendly solution to around the clock doorman. Buildings that do not want to devote resources for a full time doorman can now have their virtual counterpart. With 24 hour surveillance monitoring and two-way audio capabilities, AISG is there for each and every resident.

AISG installed several Honeywell cameras and DVR combined with an AIPHONE intercom system which will give the building a high quality technical surveillance system. Each apartment is also equipped with a color camera monitor intercom system, which gives the tenants total control of the front door.

VIC intercom

Security Camera on the corner

Bullet security camera

Dome camera in the Lobby

VIC Highlights:
-AISG controls and monitors your front entrance 24 hours a day, like a real doorman.
-AISG greets visitors who need assistance and provides a constant presence for every tenant’s peace of mind.
-AISG maintains a photo data base of all tenants. With the press of a button, your tenant is greeted by our 24/7 operator who can allow access from our Command Center.
-Tenants can now receive packages/deliveries in a safe and secure manner. AISG can alert the tenant via e-mail or phone that a delivery awaits them.
-Whether it’s dry cleaning or priority deliveries, AISG is there 24/7 for service and security.

Security Camera at the garage

Secure Package room in the lobby


Wiring for VIC