We founded Virtual Concierge to satisfy a growing need throughout the New York City area. As a developer of one of the earliest such systems in New York, our President saw a growing need to improve the existing technology and up the ante when it comes to service. Our systems run on state of the art equipment, from digital video, to advanced access control system. And the technology is backed up by the highest level of service to our clients.
From our video central station right here in Long Island City, ViC opens the doors to New York. ViC is staffed around the clock by highly trained, friendly door attendants who make it their job to ensure the highest level of door attendant service to New York City apartment buildings. We provide secure package delivery, greetings to guests and residents, and a friendly presence, day and night.
Please allow us to show you how we can improve your residential building and increase the value of your property by making it more appealing to tenants and buyers. At a fraction of the cost of a traditional doorman, you can cater to residents’ most pressing demands. (And they won’t have to tip the doorman.)


Unlike other remote “doorman” services, Virtual Concierge aims to satisfy the growing demand for cutting technology and the highest level of service. We aren’t replacing doormen – we’re providing exciting opportunities for apartment buildings to expand their level of service. Whether it’s a new development or an existing building looking to increase its value, ViC delivers the cutting edge.
We hope to see our service satisfying the needs of you and your neighbors here in New York.

Virtual concierge operators

President - Levy Acs

A security professional for over 12 years, Mr. Acs was most recently the Senior Technical Manager for the Systems group of Honeywell International. Mr. Acs' technical knowledge is unsurpassed in the industry and his client list includes some of the most recognizable names in the gaming industry and business world. Mr. Acs' experience, vision and drive is what puts AISG at the forefront of integrated security solutions.